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Twelve days.  Twelve days ago I started having a little tickle in my throat.  The tickle turned into a cough.  Cough turned into a fever, complete congestion, tiredness, exhaustion, and finally, feeling like I simply was not going to make it.

Today is the first day that I have felt human.  The first weekend, I slept for 40 hours straight.  I haven’t been able to blog, I haven’t been able to move forward with my business.  I still went to work, but there were very few days I finished.

I went into survival mode.

I did not thrive.

I felt pitiful.

I was exhausted.

I coughed all night most every night.  I didn’t rest.

But guess what?

Twelve long days later, and I’m back!

During those 12 days, I dreamed, I hoped.  I even did some planning.

No follow through, mind you, because I had nothing to give.  but I survived.

And now?

Now I hope to do more than survive.  I hope to thrive.

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