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The events of the past few months have drained me.  Personal meltdown, family emergencies, traveling, medical issues and a ton of work stress.  It was all too much.  I did what anyone would have done.  I treaded water.  I made it through.  I went into survival mode.  I didn’t thrive, I didn’t excel, I survived.

Friday was a day off, and I’ve now had time to breathe, so we decided to head to the coast.  The ocean has always been healing to my soul.  We stayed with family, and we had a wonderful visit.  Saturday we spent time walking along the beach, even venturing a bit into the water.  I absorbed the energy of the sea.  I took some photos.  I breathed.  I felt the weight leave me.

We had a leisurely drive home, I got some free paperbacks from a coastal library.  We got our grocery shopping done on the way home.  Saturday evening and all of Sunday I’ve dedicated to be a balance of breathing and creating.  I’m primarily working on catching up.  I’ve checked some major things off of my to-do list.  Making space to thrive, to excel.  I’m ready to do more than survive.

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