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I have a cold.  Congestion, sniffles, coughing.  Thankfully, pretty rare for me.  I’m downing lots of herbs, vitamins, and taking DayQuil today while I get a few things done.  But mostly I will rest.

I have been stressed out.  Living in a toxic job, working way too hard and too many hours, and battling insomnia due to the stress.  And now my body says enough!

I have so many plans, so many things I want to accomplish, but I know my body and I won’t push it right now.  I must listen, and acknowledge it’s wisdom.

I can see my dream job.  I know exactly where I will be in a year.  This is a tiny speed bump.  This job, oh the lessons it has taught me, and I will forever be thankful.  Even this cold, and it’s reminders, so thankful for the wake up call.

Life isn’t about easy.  It’s about how we handle the challenges.


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I was reading this old post of mine called Get out Of Your Own Way.  So much truth in it.  Still pertinent today.

And I’m still dealing with the But Monster.  I want to help as many as I can through my coaching… but the economy, but my job drains me, but I can’t get the damn SEO down, my numerous medical tests are taking up a ton of time, not to mention the medical issues leading up to those tests.  All valid points.

To respond to my “But Monster”, medical issues should be resolved soon.  My job will ease up, and I’m getting better at saying no to extra time.  I’m being helped by an SEO coach.  And about the damn economy.  I am working on figuring out a few new options for differently priced coaching packages.  I want my services to be available for anyone who feels called to them.

I’m working on strengthening my skills in battling the But Monster.  It’s kinda like training for a fight, I would imagine, or any sport.  It takes a lot of training before the moves come naturally.

How do you deal with your But Monster?

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Today began my Artist Empowerment Class.  I am closing enrollment on Wednesday, so if you want to jump in, do so now!  And today was my first day at work after major staffng changes.  I do request that you don’t respond to the work changes in comments, but instead, reflect with me about how quickly life changes.  Today was 2 big events.  The beginning of class, the end of an era at work, the beginning of whole new things.

It also marks one more day that I did not work on my 2 new ideas.  Two amazing ideas… but a day too busy to focus.  I will need to figure out how to manage time… how to fit all the amazingness in.  This is a small speedbump.  I do know that.  I will figure out how to get it done.

In the meantime.. come join me in my class!

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