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I had a huge a-ha moment earlier today.  I was thinking about all the dreaming and wishing, and working my butt off to get my business launched.  Many days I am exhausted.  I work non-stop, and it hit me today… even if my business takes off, what would I do?  I mean, I’ve left no space whatsoever for the business.

So… what a dilemma, huh?

It is time.  Time for me to spacify as my friend Fabeku would say.  It is time for me to make breathing room in my life.

But how?  

I have some ideas.  One is to maintain a schedule.  One that allows me to grow, one that allows my business to grow.  The others will make more space in my time, my life, more space for my family.

It is time to get more serious about a practice.  To meditate, to practice self-care.  To take the time for me, refill my well, in order to have more space for everything else.

I think that will be a good start.

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