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There is definitely a direct link between when I take care of myself, and allow myself some “me” time and feeling empowered.  When I give myself permission to connect with my creative muse, through art for arts sake, whether for 5 minutes at a time throughout the day or in a one hour chunk, I feel empowered.  I feel empowered because I am staying connected with my true self. I am not allowing myself to be tied to one role only but am remembering the “me” in the equation of relationships, whether to my children, my husband, my friends, or my colleagues.  When I do what empowers me I empower others.  I feel aligned with myself and as a result respond to others from a place of calm.


Of course when I don’t do these things that empower me I feel it; I feel drained, grumpy, and less tolerant of others.  When I have not given myself permission to follow my passions I feel resentment towards others.  But it is not about them, it is about me feeling out of alignment with myself.


Some things that I do to ground myself and bring me back in alignment with that empowered feeling are:

  • daily meditation,
  • creating daily, whether it is writing, spontaneous art,
  • dance,
  • yoga
  • or being out in nature


I use to get overwhelmed by trying to do all of these things all at once and then get upset with myself if I didn’t.  But I have learned to view all the different ways I am creating daily.  As long as I stay open to all the in the moment opportunities there are for daily meditation and being present I will get my dose of “feel good”.  Having Kids will do that to you!  If you really observe how a child conducts themself, you will see how stay grounded in the in the present most of the time because that is where they naturally gravitate.  Seeing through a child’s eyes. http://www.offbeatfamily.com/parenting/through-a-childs-eyes/ can be empowering in that sense, because it can free us up to accept what is,yet still see things fresh and new.


Petrea Hansen-Adamidis is a Registered Art Therapist with 17 years experience working with children and their families, helping them connect through the expressive arts.

She features a video series called Metaphor Monday on her blog http://www.offbeatfamily.com where she explores parenting from a different perspective with a new metaphor each week.

She is currently getting ready to release “The Parent Inspiration Tool-Kit: Emotional First Aid for Parents” for more information about this and other courses visit:  http://www.offbeatfamily.com/shop/


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