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I had an altogether different post scheduled for today… but then I got a message on facebook and it changed my focus.

By all accounts, a man I graduated with was in an argument with his neighbor.  It escalated, the neighbor is dead from a gunshot, and my classmate is in custody.

We were not close.  But having been from the same “social class” at high school, we knew one another.  Neither of us were from rich families.

I can’t fathom the kind of hell this man is in, sitting in jail, possibly having killed a man.  Nor can I imagine the hell that the victim’s family is in.

Grief in these two families, grief throughout the community, and grief that spreads to all of us who knew either one, it will go far and wide.

My heart goes out to all.  And I wish I could give my classmate a hug.  Not to clear him of any guilt, but to let him know that regardless of the actions of the other night, I care.

I’ve often been obsessed with the point of no return.  I wonder what makes people go beyond that point.  And I wonder how one makes it through after.  Like the man who chose to drive drunk and killed my friend Eric.  What in the world made him pass that point of no return?  And Susan Smith, what was her point of no return?  And how do you find your way back once you’ve crossed that line.

Please join me in sending healing energy to all affected by this tragedy.


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