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Yes, this is a deviation from my grief posts… but sometimes we need to celebrate.  Some of my very favorite people have been blogging about their accomplishments in 2011.  I think it’s so important to acknowledge our achievements, so I’d like to share some of mine.

I narrowed the scope of my coaching down to Grief.   I had gotten my certification and for a bit, I floundered, trying to be all to everyone.  Once I narrowed it down, I had such increased clarity… things began happening for me.

I helped several clients work through their grief, empowering them to come through the flames and live life to it’s fullest!

I offered and taught my Artist Empowerment Class, continuing from 2010.

I designed and sold numerous sets of my cards.  Sets of 30 cards to guide us in dealing with issues.  Grief.  Anxiety.  Gratitude. Joy. Empower.  De-clutter.

Created my Artist Empowerment Class in Your Inbox for those self-guided souls.

I designed and built this site all on my own.  Well, with a few pointers here and there, and my son helped with the background.

I poured my heart and soul into my blog posts.

I began making journals again and listing them here.

I worked a full time job… that I don’t always enjoy, but I do my job damn well, and am reliable.

I networked like crazy, finding like minded souls all over the world.

I created a completely drama free home.

I loved. I loved. I loved.


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