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Joy Through the Grief

2010 was a grief filled year.  Last year at this time, I was in so much pain.  My first Christmas without my Dad.  Feeling for my brother and his children after his wife’s death.  It turned my days into black and white.  The color was drained out.

Grief has a way of taking residence.  It affects our senses.  Dulls them.  But, once dealt with, the color can start to come back.

This Christmas, I continued to carry out traditions that are influenced by those I’ve lost.  I made tamales because when I lived with my grandparents we had tamales during the Christmas season.  I made brisket because of my life with them.  I disregarded traditional turkey and stuffing because of my Dad’s teachings (that you do what makes YOU happy and make your own traditions).

They were all with us.  And we were joyful in our holiday celebrations.

In many ways, the joy we felt this year was sweeter.  It was absent last year.  But this year, we were back to living life to the fullest, just as Dad would have wanted.  As all who we’ve lost would have wanted.  Some things still brought tears to my eyes, and perhaps they always will, but the joy was ever present.

We grieve, and we grow.  Life comes in cycles.  If you are in the thick of grieving as you read this, please know that it will become easier.  And it’s absolutely ok to be living the black and white.  The color will return, I promise you.

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