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On Tuesday, our ferret died.  We got Gabriel 6 years ago, as a baby.  He was the sweetest soul, so gentle, and ever-loving to each ferret we had rescued over the years.  He was always the youngest, always the kindest.  My son had re-named him Raticus.  He was a conniving little guy, always trying to get into places that we had barricaded.  He had a stroke sometime on Monday, and drew his last breath Tuesday as I put the car in ‘park’ at the vet’s office.  Up until a half hour before his appointment, he was doing ok… walking all around, a little lean-y, but still getting into trouble.

We buried him…he has a beautiful spot in the forest.

His death taught me a lot.  I learned once again that life is too short.  It’s way to short to remain miserable or to surround yourself with miserable people.  Gabriel was loved.  He had happiness.  And oh so much mischief.  There is much to be learned from him.

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