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I first came across the word “empower” when working with young people as a youth worker. “How do you empower young people?” was a question I was asked at interviews. But I never felt like I did; I felt like I worked with them until they felt strong enough to empower themselves.
To me empowerment means feeling strengthened and the things that strengthen me are my core values; I even coined a phrase to sum up my values – “Soul Gypsy” – which has become the name of my business.
Soul – doing inner work and deep, inner reflection. I spend time alone each morning writing in my journal and go on regular silent retreats. I love being with other people, but being alone satisfies me more than anything else.
Gypsy – being out there in the world, being brave on the rocks, whimsy and delight. I love going on Artists Dates, painting, wearing colourful clothes and seeking out delightful adventures.
When I am living as a Soul Gypsy I feel most empowered.
How about you? Can you summarize what empowers you in a single statement?
Much Soul Gypsy Warmth,
Rachel McDonald
Soul Gypsy
Be All You Can Be, and know that is Enough
I’m Rachel McDonald, a WithWoman.
I help creative and spiritual women get to live their truest, most radiant self by coaching them to reach their fullest potential.
Camp Restival has just opened its doors for business. Camp Restival is an online scared circle + life coaching tools + creative eBooks. Its a magical gathering place for Soul Gypsies (that’s you!).
I invite you to connect with soul minded women and receive monthly coaching and creative goodies that will enhance your life at

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When I honor my intuition, I am empowered.

It’s a gift I cherish, because I spent my early life disconnected from the guidance of my heart, giving more weight and importance to the opinions and expectations of others than to my own truth.


I often say that as an intuitive, I was a bit of a late bloomer. The guidance was always there, but I didn’t always let it in. I willingly gave my power away and let fear hold dominion over me. I ignored my intuition, even tried to muffle it, and I let other people decide what I was capable of. I looked for outside answers rather than honoring the well within.


That all sounds dramatic and big, and at times it was, but it happened in small ways, too. I did it unknowingly, in tiny moments here and there until I pushed myself out of balance and so far from my truth, I couldn’t locate it.


Each of us is born with an inner compass. We come into this world with a primal understanding of who we are and what’s right for us. Throughout our lives, the loving voices of guidance speak to us, in our bodies, our senses, and even through the natural world. We are never alone, never lost. But sometimes, we shift away from this natural state knowing.


When I look back across my life, I can clearly see that intuition was there for me, even in times when I felt confused. I couldn’t always hear it and I didn’t always trust it, but I can pinpoint the moments when, had I trusted my inner knowing and made choices based on what it was telling me, rather than outside chatter, I would have been spared suffering and wrong turns. I would have, indeed, known the answers to the questions I was asking.


Acting in contradiction to my intuitive guidance felt wrong to me, but it was a wrong that also felt safe. Here’s what I mean: I went to a job interview and new immediately when I walked into the room, that it was wrong for me. I could feel it in my body, in the pit of my stomach. The answer, for me, was no. But the people interviewing me were kind and it looked like a job that would suit me. I needed money and I didn’t see any other prospects on the horizon. Even though my intuition told me to turn down the job and keep looking, the outside world of expectation – the pressure of bills to pay and the fear that another opportunity might not come along – told me to take it. So, I did.


I worked in a studio room full of desks and two of my co-workers argued all day long, creating an uncomfortable toxic energy. The repetitive fine-motor movement that I had to engage in all day, activated carpal tunnel syndrome and my body ached. And the room I worked in, where film was processed, wasn’t properly ventilated. Working at that job, I quickly became ill. It wasn’t a bad job, it was the wrong job for me.


And that’s what my intuition told me from the moment I set foot in the door for my interview.


Like most of us, I wasn’t taught to trust my intuition. That was something I had to learn on my own, and it came with practice. I had to learn to sift through the static; I had to learn to tell the difference between guidance and anxiety, I had to learn the language of my heart. I had to learn trust.


Trust feeds knowing. The more I trusted my intuition, the clearer it was.  The more I made choices and took action based on my intuition, the bigger and wider my life bloomed open, the easier my journey became.


It took me many years to truly understand what it means to hear my guidance, trust it and act, but now that I have, I’m empowered in a fundamental way that can’t be shaken.


By honoring intuition, I’ve stepped into the essence of who I truly am.



Lori-Lyn Hurley is a writer, intuitive empath and Reiki practitioner. You can find her at www.dreamlifewellness.com, on facebook at www.facebook.com/dreamlifestudio, and on twitter @lorilyn.

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I forget that people haven’t been with me on my journey all along.  I know that some of you have just recently gotten to know me.  I have been so focused on my Artist Empowerment Class that I haven’t fully shared how I got here.  How the class came to be, and why I am led to help others through it.

My name is Robyn and I will be 40 at the end of the year.  My mother had MS and I was raised by my grandparents and was one of the primary caregivers for mom until she passed away when I was 14.  I was always quite responsible.  After graduation, though, I saw no future there, so I got on a Greyhound bus and moved from Corpus Christi, TX to Boise, Idaho so I could be around my siblings.  Everything I owned was in a box under the bus.

There I met my first husband and I was determined to be the best wife, mother, and daughter-in-law there ever was.  As a direct result, I became a doormat.  My husband knew that I was absolutely there to serve him.  My in-laws knew that I would never talk back.  And I lost myself.  Many years into the marriage (about 7, I think) I discovered “The Artist’s Way” and worked through the program.  Growth began, and never stopped.  I realized that I could speak my mind, and not only that, but I had to speak up for myself.  During this time, I realized that my mother in law was a huge crazymaker in my life.  She would get between me and my children as I disciplined them and take over, she would copy any craft I tried (and in my eyes, she did way better than me on all of them).  We got along extremely well, but there were those things.  The Artist’s Way helped me to set up a dividing wall between us.  Our friendship suffered greatly at first, but was later strengthened by me taking those steps.

Fast forward to now.  That marriage ended, but we are all great friends, in fact, my children and I spent the weekend with their visiting grandparents.  We have a wonderful relationship that would have never bloomed had I simply been a doormat.

I began selling items on Etsy in 2008.  I have always had creative outlets:  writing, woodworking, tole painting, cross-stitch, sewing, photography, bookbinding, and so much more.  I spent a lot of times in the Etsy forums and have made amazing connections.  My group of Etsy friends and I became one another’s support group.  We helped one another with marketing, family problems, troubleshooting (figuring out the BEST way to do steps of a project), we talked one another through heartbreak and cheered triumphs.

During that time, I noticed several recurring themes.  Fear, time management, dealing with crazymakers, goal setting, challenging one another to keep moving forward in their craft.  From these themes, my Artist Empowerment Class was born.  These Etsy friends cheered me on each step of the way.  They gave their input, and they signed up for my class when I offered it.

This will be my third time offering it.  Each time, I tweak it just a little, still learning as I go.  So, I can honestly say this is the best it has ever been!

This class is for anyone who faces fears, who deals with people who sabotage them, anyone who sabotages themselves (yeah, we’ve all been there), anyone who knows they aren’t getting what they need from relationships.  This class was for me, because I thought I had to sell my soul to have good relationships, and it’s for you because you hold yourself back in some area.

Like I said, this is the third time I’m hosting my Artist Empowerment Class.  And each time I’ve made friends for life.  The connections have been so strong.  I’m happy to say that most of my past students are STILL a support group for one another!  I’d love to get to know YOU better, and to introduce you to other like minded people.  To lift you up, and support you, and watch you soar!

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There is definitely a direct link between when I take care of myself, and allow myself some “me” time and feeling empowered.  When I give myself permission to connect with my creative muse, through art for arts sake, whether for 5 minutes at a time throughout the day or in a one hour chunk, I feel empowered.  I feel empowered because I am staying connected with my true self. I am not allowing myself to be tied to one role only but am remembering the “me” in the equation of relationships, whether to my children, my husband, my friends, or my colleagues.  When I do what empowers me I empower others.  I feel aligned with myself and as a result respond to others from a place of calm.


Of course when I don’t do these things that empower me I feel it; I feel drained, grumpy, and less tolerant of others.  When I have not given myself permission to follow my passions I feel resentment towards others.  But it is not about them, it is about me feeling out of alignment with myself.


Some things that I do to ground myself and bring me back in alignment with that empowered feeling are:

  • daily meditation,
  • creating daily, whether it is writing, spontaneous art,
  • dance,
  • yoga
  • or being out in nature


I use to get overwhelmed by trying to do all of these things all at once and then get upset with myself if I didn’t.  But I have learned to view all the different ways I am creating daily.  As long as I stay open to all the in the moment opportunities there are for daily meditation and being present I will get my dose of “feel good”.  Having Kids will do that to you!  If you really observe how a child conducts themself, you will see how stay grounded in the in the present most of the time because that is where they naturally gravitate.  Seeing through a child’s eyes. http://www.offbeatfamily.com/parenting/through-a-childs-eyes/ can be empowering in that sense, because it can free us up to accept what is,yet still see things fresh and new.


Petrea Hansen-Adamidis is a Registered Art Therapist with 17 years experience working with children and their families, helping them connect through the expressive arts.

She features a video series called Metaphor Monday on her blog http://www.offbeatfamily.com where she explores parenting from a different perspective with a new metaphor each week.

She is currently getting ready to release “The Parent Inspiration Tool-Kit: Emotional First Aid for Parents” for more information about this and other courses visit:  http://www.offbeatfamily.com/shop/

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I took a pledge…  a pledge to do something that scares me every day this week.  Because of the nature of the beast, I’ve gone bigger each day.  And each day I am scared out of my mind.  And I push through.  do you have any idea how empowering that is?  I urge you to push on through!  The feeling you will feel afterwards is a natural high that rivals no other!

My message was going to be longer.  But… I was struck by some news today.  A friend of mine had an accident on June 10.  She now has to wait for surgery until June 27.  In excruciating pain.  The newspaper article is here.  Christine is an artist, a dear friend, a member of my tribe.  I am trying to figure out a way to send a gift to her.  I will send a care package to her, and donate some money myself… but I want to ask you, as my community, is there more we can do?

Please leave me a message.  Let’s connect.  What can we do for Christine?

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I posted about a week ago about how I was conquering my fears.  I revamped my website.  Then my blog.  It was such a natural high that I’ve not stopped.  I’ve pledged to do something that scares me every day this week.  This involves contacting people to promote my class, writing guest blog posts, reaching out.

And guess what?  Each time I do something that had scared me– every.single.time I become more Empowered!

I’d love if you’d join me on this.  Tell me something that scares you.  Then do it.  Come back here and tell me how it made you feel!


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