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Yesterday I did something that I have been wanting to do for a VERY long time.  I have wanted to do this for… well, years.  And I have basically let other people’s fears hold me back.

For years I have wanted to be a bone marrow donor.  Each time I have brought this up to anyone in my world, I have gotten told that I’m crazy.  Crazy because of the pain involved.  Crazy because it would be an anonymous donation (my assumption, and theirs).  Crazy because WHY would I disrupt my schedule?

But yesterday, I did it.  I registered to be a bone marrow donor!  They have an online form to fill out with personal information, a few questions, and they will email me a swab so that I can swab my cheek and mail it back.  They will figure out all the particulars and put me in the registry.

Yes, the possibility of pain scares me.   But, in all reality, my pain will be so minimal compared to the recipient’s pain (both before and after my donation).   I have not had a single second thought.  Perhaps I will.  But I do know that regardless of my fears, if I get that call, I am there!

I’ve had an ‘organ donor’ endorsement on my license since my first license.  And now I’m taking it a little further.

I’ve said this so many times before.  But I will say it again.  And again.  If there is something you fear, shove on through!  If a path keeps appearing, there just might be a reason.


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