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I have a big surprise coming up!  One that involves Empowered Life!  One that will help you to move forward in life despite the speed bumps and costs associated with coaching.

But for now, let me tell you a bit about what I do.  When you book a session with me, we will meet via skype or phone (your choice!).  We will have a conversation.  An easy conversation that will seem like we’ve always known one another.  I will ask questions, yes, but I will not interrogate.  You will not feel pressured, or under attack.  But during this session, we will get past what SEEMS… to what IS.  Then we will learn to overcome.  Together, we will come up with a plan.  Tasks, a change of thought pattern, that will pull the earth smooth and make the speed bumps disappear.

Does this sound too good to be true?  I urge you to read my testimonials.  I have the gift of digging past the words.  I can feel the underlying.  I will bring it to the surface, without judgment.  By the time we are done, you will have a greater understanding of the reasons that you feel the way you feel about certain things.

I can be reached at robyn@empoweredlife.biz

Stay tuned for my surprise!


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I was reading this old post of mine called Get out Of Your Own Way.  So much truth in it.  Still pertinent today.

And I’m still dealing with the But Monster.  I want to help as many as I can through my coaching… but the economy, but my job drains me, but I can’t get the damn SEO down, my numerous medical tests are taking up a ton of time, not to mention the medical issues leading up to those tests.  All valid points.

To respond to my “But Monster”, medical issues should be resolved soon.  My job will ease up, and I’m getting better at saying no to extra time.  I’m being helped by an SEO coach.  And about the damn economy.  I am working on figuring out a few new options for differently priced coaching packages.  I want my services to be available for anyone who feels called to them.

I’m working on strengthening my skills in battling the But Monster.  It’s kinda like training for a fight, I would imagine, or any sport.  It takes a lot of training before the moves come naturally.

How do you deal with your But Monster?

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So much has been going on in my life.  Most importantly, my ex father in law, Micky was released from the hospital today!!!  We will all be there this weekend to just BE with him.  His accident and recovery took the wind out of my sails.  But now there is a little breathing room.  He has a ways to go, but he is home.  Thank you all for your kind thoughts, healing energy and prayers.

The Fall has always signaled a time for transition for me.  For cleaning, de-cluttering, introspection, and action.  This year is no different.

I have been struggling with how to make my business grow.  Like, really grow.  I’m working on SEO so that I don’t have to work quite as hard at promoting, but I had an a-ha moment today.  I am revamping everything you see here.  Well, everything except for the card sets, because they are spot on.  But I realized that if I’m going to do this then I must be all in.  No more holding back.

What I mean by that is that if it’s inside of me and it can help any one of you, I’m putting it out there.  Some will be free offerings, some will be pay, some will be classes, some will be self guided.  But my pledge to you is that by the end of this revamp, you will be getting so much value!

Another change?  I’m trying to find an easy online appointment setter.  So that way when you schedule coaching, you can pick your slot and pay right then.  That may be a few weeks off.  In the meantime, all it takes is one email and we’ll get set up!  I’m currently booking for 5:30-7:30pm PST Monday-Friday, with some availability on weekends.  One email to robyn@empoweredlife.biz and we’ll book a time that is good for you!  Coaching packages can also be found here.

Not sure that coaching is right for you or that we will be a good fit?  Drop me a line at robyn@empoweredlife.biz.  Let’s begin our relationship!

Are there products or offerings you would like to see from me?  Please let me know!  I am so excited to be doing the work that I’ve been called to do!

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