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I took a pledge…  a pledge to do something that scares me every day this week.  Because of the nature of the beast, I’ve gone bigger each day.  And each day I am scared out of my mind.  And I push through.  do you have any idea how empowering that is?  I urge you to push on through!  The feeling you will feel afterwards is a natural high that rivals no other!

My message was going to be longer.  But… I was struck by some news today.  A friend of mine had an accident on June 10.  She now has to wait for surgery until June 27.  In excruciating pain.  The newspaper article is here.  Christine is an artist, a dear friend, a member of my tribe.  I am trying to figure out a way to send a gift to her.  I will send a care package to her, and donate some money myself… but I want to ask you, as my community, is there more we can do?

Please leave me a message.  Let’s connect.  What can we do for Christine?


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