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Today began my Artist Empowerment Class.  I am closing enrollment on Wednesday, so if you want to jump in, do so now!  And today was my first day at work after major staffng changes.  I do request that you don’t respond to the work changes in comments, but instead, reflect with me about how quickly life changes.  Today was 2 big events.  The beginning of class, the end of an era at work, the beginning of whole new things.

It also marks one more day that I did not work on my 2 new ideas.  Two amazing ideas… but a day too busy to focus.  I will need to figure out how to manage time… how to fit all the amazingness in.  This is a small speedbump.  I do know that.  I will figure out how to get it done.

In the meantime.. come join me in my class!


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When I think about empowerment as I’ve experienced it in my own life, it has always been the direct result of telling my own Truth. The Truth that matters, the Truth that’s hard to speak, the Truth that, often, makes a few people look at me funny. Clearly, then, the empowerment I experience here has nothing to do with the response I am getting from outside of me. Instead, it comes from knowing that I am speaking from my core, from my deepest authenticity, and that is a portrait of me standing firmly in my power.


When I stand in my own power and speak my Truth, I gain a deeper sense of my own Integrity and Trust in my Self. Especially when the Truth is hard, but has to be spoken in order to protect a boundary in my own life. The person whose respect I need most in order to live a deeply fulfilling life, is me.  Self-respect is hard-earned.  When I speak my Truth as a way of respecting my Self, I am free to let go of what others think about me. At these moments, I know in my core that that is what I am here to do — to be unabashedly, freely, ecstatically ME. Not everyone will like it. Eyebrows will be raised, feathers will be ruffled, but I’ll try to keep my light shining. Because the people who I am meant to be with, work with, and love, will show up. Very often, these special people only show up in our lives when we show up for ourselves.


Truth resonates. It resonates within you, and it reverberates and ripples through the Universe where it meets up with Universal Truth. It does this little ecstatic dance and sends itself off to the person who needs your resonance right NOW. Do you know that moment where someone seemingly random tells you about a book you were secretly considering reading? Or mentions there’s a workshop next week on something that you’ve only just become interested in? And you’ve not spoken a word of it to anyone? That is an experience of resonance. Your thing and my thing (or his thing and her thing) get together and go on a date. We may never meet but energetically we have connected. Your resonance with my thing lights you up. Your resonance lights someone else up. Someone else comes back to me and says “Wow, that resonates!” and I get started on my Truth cycle all over again. Truth is THAT powerful. Truth serves and honors not just your Self, but the World.


Many people tell me they feel they don’t know themselves very well, and they ask me: How can I find out who I really am? How can I know my Truth to speak it? If I had one tip to give, aside from signing up for Robyn’s course, it would be this: write three pages of longhand meditative writing every morning. Do it. It tells your Voice and your Truth that you are serious about listening for it. It cannot help but show itself when you give it a place to be.




Sara Thibault is a word-slinger and Truth-warrior who also happens to assist healers and creatives in telling their soul’s story via the web & social media. She blogs her own self-love manifesto at soulspackle.com.

If you would like to share what empowers you, please send your submission to robyn@empoweredlife.biz

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The first exciting announcement I have:  Today marks the first day that I’m offering Empower Through!  Quick coaching sessions (30-60 min long) which will help push you through barriers!  Contact me today to schedule your appointment!

I have worked with many clients in this way, a quick, low-commitment way to push through a barrier.  We will address what’s holding you back and create a plan to help you push through all those speed bumps.

Also, just a quick reminder that my Artist Empowerment Class starts in one week.  Yesterday was Independence Day in America.  Have you decided to declare independence from your fear?  Come join me!

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I forget that people haven’t been with me on my journey all along.  I know that some of you have just recently gotten to know me.  I have been so focused on my Artist Empowerment Class that I haven’t fully shared how I got here.  How the class came to be, and why I am led to help others through it.

My name is Robyn and I will be 40 at the end of the year.  My mother had MS and I was raised by my grandparents and was one of the primary caregivers for mom until she passed away when I was 14.  I was always quite responsible.  After graduation, though, I saw no future there, so I got on a Greyhound bus and moved from Corpus Christi, TX to Boise, Idaho so I could be around my siblings.  Everything I owned was in a box under the bus.

There I met my first husband and I was determined to be the best wife, mother, and daughter-in-law there ever was.  As a direct result, I became a doormat.  My husband knew that I was absolutely there to serve him.  My in-laws knew that I would never talk back.  And I lost myself.  Many years into the marriage (about 7, I think) I discovered “The Artist’s Way” and worked through the program.  Growth began, and never stopped.  I realized that I could speak my mind, and not only that, but I had to speak up for myself.  During this time, I realized that my mother in law was a huge crazymaker in my life.  She would get between me and my children as I disciplined them and take over, she would copy any craft I tried (and in my eyes, she did way better than me on all of them).  We got along extremely well, but there were those things.  The Artist’s Way helped me to set up a dividing wall between us.  Our friendship suffered greatly at first, but was later strengthened by me taking those steps.

Fast forward to now.  That marriage ended, but we are all great friends, in fact, my children and I spent the weekend with their visiting grandparents.  We have a wonderful relationship that would have never bloomed had I simply been a doormat.

I began selling items on Etsy in 2008.  I have always had creative outlets:  writing, woodworking, tole painting, cross-stitch, sewing, photography, bookbinding, and so much more.  I spent a lot of times in the Etsy forums and have made amazing connections.  My group of Etsy friends and I became one another’s support group.  We helped one another with marketing, family problems, troubleshooting (figuring out the BEST way to do steps of a project), we talked one another through heartbreak and cheered triumphs.

During that time, I noticed several recurring themes.  Fear, time management, dealing with crazymakers, goal setting, challenging one another to keep moving forward in their craft.  From these themes, my Artist Empowerment Class was born.  These Etsy friends cheered me on each step of the way.  They gave their input, and they signed up for my class when I offered it.

This will be my third time offering it.  Each time, I tweak it just a little, still learning as I go.  So, I can honestly say this is the best it has ever been!

This class is for anyone who faces fears, who deals with people who sabotage them, anyone who sabotages themselves (yeah, we’ve all been there), anyone who knows they aren’t getting what they need from relationships.  This class was for me, because I thought I had to sell my soul to have good relationships, and it’s for you because you hold yourself back in some area.

Like I said, this is the third time I’m hosting my Artist Empowerment Class.  And each time I’ve made friends for life.  The connections have been so strong.  I’m happy to say that most of my past students are STILL a support group for one another!  I’d love to get to know YOU better, and to introduce you to other like minded people.  To lift you up, and support you, and watch you soar!

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Enrollment for my Artist Empowerment Class begins today!  And I’d like to take the time to answer a few questions I’ve received.

Q:  How long is the class?

A:  The class lasts 6 weeks.  It begins on July 11 and will end around August 19.


Q:  How much of a time commitment will this require?

A.  A safe guess is 2 hours a week, minimum.  One of which will be a group chat on the week’s topic.   Each day will include journaling, and there are weekly assignments.


Q:  What if I have a schedule that is not real flexible?

A.  The only scheduled event each week is the chat and I try to work around schedules to offer it at the time when most can be there.  All other work can be done around your schedule!


Q:  Who is this class for?

A:  Anyone really who wants to move back into their own skin and be empowered!  I fully believe that everyone is creative in some way, whether you consider yourself an artist or not.  Stay at home moms, domestic goddesses, women in the corporate world, poets, writers, musicians, painters, dancers, this class is for EVERYONE.


Q:  Have you taught this class in the past?

A:  Yes, I’ve taught this class twice before, with amazing results.  I’ve witnessed so much growth!  Here’s what my past students have had to say.


I do hope you will be joining us!  If you have further questions, chances are there is someone else out there who is wondering the same thing, so please put it in a comment and I will respond there!

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I posted about a week ago about how I was conquering my fears.  I revamped my website.  Then my blog.  It was such a natural high that I’ve not stopped.  I’ve pledged to do something that scares me every day this week.  This involves contacting people to promote my class, writing guest blog posts, reaching out.

And guess what?  Each time I do something that had scared me– every.single.time I become more Empowered!

I’d love if you’d join me on this.  Tell me something that scares you.  Then do it.  Come back here and tell me how it made you feel!


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I have fears.  I’m severely intimidated by technical issues.  I’ve talked a lot about that this past week.  I am feeling so amazing right now, because I’ve completely taken the reins and did the web-related things that I was fearful of!  I changed the look of this blog to match my website.  Set up a page for my upcoming  Artist Empowerment Class, even had a coaching session with an amazing woman I met on Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Guidebook Circle.  

The past month or so, I have felt drained.  It started pretty much with my vitamin overdose, but I’ve been struggling to get my footing since then.  This past weekend, I accomplished so much.  The web stuff, menu planning, grocery shopping, going to my nephew’s lacrosse game, and best of all we had great weather in the Pacific NW!

I’ve learned two very important things this past month.  Well, re-learned.  Excellent self-care is a must.  And if something scares me, I shouldn’t avoid it!

How are you, my friend?  What lessons are presenting themselves to you?

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