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I have fears.  I’m severely intimidated by technical issues.  I’ve talked a lot about that this past week.  I am feeling so amazing right now, because I’ve completely taken the reins and did the web-related things that I was fearful of!  I changed the look of this blog to match my website.  Set up a page for my upcoming  Artist Empowerment Class, even had a coaching session with an amazing woman I met on Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Guidebook Circle.  

The past month or so, I have felt drained.  It started pretty much with my vitamin overdose, but I’ve been struggling to get my footing since then.  This past weekend, I accomplished so much.  The web stuff, menu planning, grocery shopping, going to my nephew’s lacrosse game, and best of all we had great weather in the Pacific NW!

I’ve learned two very important things this past month.  Well, re-learned.  Excellent self-care is a must.  And if something scares me, I shouldn’t avoid it!

How are you, my friend?  What lessons are presenting themselves to you?


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I am constantly learning. I took 2 vacation days last week from work. I went stir crazy. Had not made any real plans, had no structure. The 4 days off were not all that enjoyable because of this. I learned that I NEED structure. I need to plan out my days. And I will take that lesson to heart. I’ve learned, hopefully. Relaxation is good and necessary, yes, but productivity is oh so important to me as well.

I have not been sleeping well at all this week. Monday night, I was basically awake by 2am and tossed and turned til 5am when the alarm went off. Tuesday night, I couldn’t fall asleep til about midnight, and last night, I was up several times. I think I will drink sleepy time tea tonight and go to bed when I get tired. Something has to work.

Tomorrow evening is a very special class chat for my Artist Empowerment Class and I am so excited. This week has been full of amazingness! I think that trend will continue!

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Still Saying Yes

I had a wonderful time creating this weekend. I had no deadlines, no reason to rush. It was MY time, and things could be done as I wished. I made 4 new journals, moving in a new direction. To see them all, please go to www.robynsart.etsy.com and let me know what you think!

I’m continuing to say yes in my life… and each time something amazing happens due to that, it’s like it is illuminated. I clearly know that it’s because I said yes.

Blogs are difficult on Monday morning… it’s hard to wake up. I challenge you to say yes to something today… something a bit out of your comfort zone. Let me know how it goes.

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